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It was Memorial Day May 30, 1948, the day of the disastrous Vandport flood, when a few concerned boaters took their boats and tied to a large oak tree in a nearby creek and prevented pilings from snapping and wiping out the whole marina in a feared chain reaction. In 1955 these same boaters formally organized the St Helens Yacht Club.

And in November 1981 the club purchased their current waterfront location in the St Helens Commercial Zone. This location is an easy walk west from Old Towne St Helens, just across the Columbia River from popular Sand Island.

Join Our Yacht Club?

    Boating enthusiasts will enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of the floating two-story clubhouse and covered replacing the original clubhouse, which had been their home since 1971.

    St Helens Yacht Club actively promotes pleasure boating, sport activities, Columbia River facilities and boating safety. You are invited to come aboard and join other boaters interested in providing social boating activities.

    Now Excepting Applications... come join in on the fun!

Latitude: 45 51 .54 N * Longitude: 122 47 .48 W



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