by Pastor Russell Bowman
Understanding Chistianity
Life's In the Seed

Welcome to the Evangelical Outreach

God is God.  He will not give up his own self identity for the sake of
others or he will loose his identity of who and what He is.  It is for us
to put aside our own ideas or teachings and let Him be our God so we can
listen to Him, and then the option we have to let Him be our personal
God becomes possible.  No other ideas, religions, things we think are
what God should conform to our ideas will, by definition of who He is,
allow Him to become our own personal God by our own choice of
rejecting His offering of a personal relationship with Him.  First, let
God be who he is to us, then our mind is ready to accept His majesty
over us as our personal God.




Pastor Russell Bowman
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